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Easy Interaction System – Usage Documentation

Interaction Configuration

  1. Installation:
    • Obtain the Easy Interaction System package from the Unity Asset Store.
    • Import the package into your Unity project.
    • Ensure that your player character has the tag “Player” and is assigned to the layer “Player”.
  2. Creating Interactable Objects:
    • Open the Unity Editor.
    • Navigate to Hierarchy > Endless Existence > Create new Item to create a new interactable object.
    • Alternatively, locate the desired item/object prefab in the asset browser and drag it into your scene.
    • You can find the prefabs at the following path: Assets/EndlessExistence/Item Interaction/Prefabs/ObjectPrefab.
  3. Configuring Interactable Objects:
    • After creating the object, select it in the hierarchy.
    • In the Inspector window, add the appropriate type of item script based on the desired behavior.
    • For example, to create a health item, add the EE_Health script to the object.
    • To create a new type of object with custom behavior, inherit from the ObjectContainer script.
  4. Adding Item Details:
    • To provide additional information about the object, create a new Scriptable Object.
    • From the asset browser, navigate to Create > Inventory Item > ItemDetails.
    • Fill in the necessary information such as name, description, icon, etc., in the created Scriptable Object.

Inspect Configuration

  1. Setting Up Inspection Feature:
    • To enable the inspect feature, locate the inspect camera prefab in the asset browser.
    • Drag the inspect camera prefab into your scene.
    • Make the inspect camera a child of your player character.
    • You can find the inspect camera prefab at: Assets/EndlessExistence/Item Interaction/Prefabs/InspectCamera.prefab.
    • Add the EE_InspectObject script to the object you want to inspect.

Inventory Setup

  1. Setting Up Inventory:
    • To implement the inventory system, locate the inventory prefab in the asset browser.
    • Drag the inventory prefab into your scene.
    • You can find the inventory prefab at: Assets/EndlessExistence/Inventory/Prefabs/EE_Inventory.prefab.
    • Customize the inventory settings and appearance as needed.

Mobile Control Setup

  1. Dragging Mobile UI:
    • Drag the MobileUI prefab from Assets/EndlessExistence/Common/MobileUI.prefab

Additional Information from README

  • About Tags:
    • Ensure that your player character is tagged as “Player” and assigned to the “Player” layer.
  • Editor Menu:
    • From the Unity Editor menu, you can create new items/objects easily.
  • Item Scripting:
    • To create custom behavior for objects, you can inherit from the ObjectContainer script.
  • Inspect Camera Setup:
    • The inspect camera prefab should be made a child of the player character to enable inspection feature.
  • Inventory Scriptable Object:
    • Use the provided Scriptable Object to add details and information about inventory items.
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